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The Picture-Perfect Home

We all love beautiful pictures, don't we? With the holidays coming up many of your friends and family may be getting ready to send out holiday cards, and beautiful pictures are a crucial element of this loved holiday tradition. My family recently had Fall pictures taken by Jeremy Daffin of Jeremy Daffin Photography! He did a fantastic job. In Real Estate, potential buyers will be looking for the picture-perfect home. When marketing your property, effective and alluring pictures will help peak interest in your home and increase traffic. Here are some tips for photographing your home!


Creating the right first impression is crucial to selling your home. Before taking pictures, make sure that the outside of your home has "curb appeal." The lawn should be well-kept, trees and shrubs trimmed, and clutter removed! Also, you should consider opening the blinds to make your home appear more inviting. Inside, it is important to create an irresistible atmosphere. Remove clutter from countertops and bookshelves, put away scattered toys, and clean any areas that look dingy or dirty. Crowded and cluttered homes do not photograph well and are more difficult to sell!

Furniture Arrangement

The furniture arrangement for each room should help the area appear spacious when photographed! Position your furniture to highlight the design of the room and remove unneeded furniture that crowds the space. Consider angling furniture to help an area appear large and to help draw the eyes of potential buyers to a room's best features.


Dark rooms do not help attract buyers! While dark rooms look smaller and less fresh, bright lighting creates a clean and warm feel. Before your home is photographed, turn on all the lights in your house, and open your blinds to let in natural light!


When taking your pictures, make sure to choose an angle that best accentuates the space and layout of the room. Avoid taking pictures from an angle that make a room seem cramped or small. Try standing in the corners of rooms or inside doorways. Make sure any doors that will be seen in the photograph are closed! Additionally, in bathrooms it is important to lower toilet seats and make sure the shower curtain is closed. In kitchens, make sure the cabinets are closed also.

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Catching the eye of potential buyers is crucial in marketing and selling your home! Effective pictures can lead to more showings of your property and a quicker closing. For all your realty and photography needs, Sister Sell Realty is up to the task!

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