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The Daffin Family

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Jeremy and Elizabeth Daffin came to Sister Sell looking to buy their first home for their growing family. They wanted a property that would fit their western style, provide a wonderful atmosphere for parties, and, most importantly, would be the right environment for raising their daughter, Alexis, and son, Easton, who was born after they bought their home. As you all know, home buying can be a frustrating process! It seemed that as soon as a house was put on the market, it was snatched up by other eager buyers! Our team worked hard to provide new listings quickly to the Daffin family and found Jeremy and Elizabeth this lovely home in Rowlett, TX that fit all their needs! See what they had to say about Sister Sell Realty:

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Daffin home back.jpg

"We can’t thank Sarah, Charlotte and Charlie enough for their tremendous help as we purchased our first home for our family. It was a long, tough road as we were trying to purchase a home in one of the most insane buyers' markets Dallas has ever seen! There were offers being accepted on houses in less than 48 hours after being listed. In the end, we estimate that we viewed 40+ homes and submitted nearly 20 offers over 6 months. On multiple occasions we viewed a house and were prepared to submit an offer only to find an offer had just been accepted within the previous hours. There were times we were discouraged thinking it wasn’t going to happen. However, this just seemed to double the team’s determination and they were very positive through it all. They were extremely engaged and knew what we were seeking in style and price. All three were sending us links of potential houses practically every day. With their determination, focus, and perseverance it finally worked out perfectly for us and we closed on a home we truly love!! We highly recommend Sister Sell for all your home purchasing and selling needs. We know that we will return to them as clients in the future. Thanks again Sister Sell!!!"

Jeremy, Elizabeth, Alexis and Easton


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