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Summer Success: Part One

Well, Autumn has arrived! We love Autumn--the changing colors, cooler weather, and brisk air! What's not to love? It is hard to believe that summer has already come to a close, but what a great summer it was here at Sister Sell! We closed 6 transactions, with one more to be completed in the next month or two. As you can imagine, we were very busy! We are thrilled for our clients; take a look at the fun we had with our summer successes!

The Briggs Family

We have had the pleasure of knowing the Briggs Family for many years and were thrilled to help them buy a new house for their growing family. Shawn and Jordan were looking for a larger home for themselves and their children, Cadence, Braelyn, Jace and Ainsley!

As many of you may know, the metroplex finds itself in a seller's market, with there being much more demand for houses than there is supply. This can make it very challenging to even get a house under contract let alone complete a sale. Shawn and Jordan ran into this during their home search. It seemed that every house they liked was either already under contract or we found ourselves in a bidding war!

After looking around, Shawn and Jordan decided to look into new construction! New construction can be a fantastic way to go. You are able to hand select the details in your home and are left with a brand new product. The high housing prices in the metroplex have made new construction much more competitive and economical. If you are interested in looking at new construction, there are a few questions you should be prepared to ask the builder:

1. What are the sales taxes estimated to be for the property? Does that amount work with your budget?

2. What amenities will the neighborhood offer and will there be any HOA fees?

3. What will the finish out of the property include? Will the yard be sprinklered and landscaped? Will the builder provide the fence for the yard or is that an additional cost for you as the buyer? Will the blinds be included or charged to the buyer?

4. What are the cost of the upgrades offered by the builder? This is a very important question to keep in mind when walking through the show home. In the model home, the builder will seek to wow you and help you fall in love with their designs and features. To do this, builders often include all the upgrades in the model home--nicest floors, best kitchen materials, bonus rooms, textured walls etc. They show all these upgrades in the hopes that you will add these to your home, but the cost can add up! For instance, with one builder we encountered an optional media room cost an extra $20,000! Go into this process with both eyes open.

We loved working with this family, and can't wait to see their new home. Shawn and Jordan's house is currently under construction in Garland and is expected to be completed towards the end of this year!

The Little Family


Reese and Laranda Little are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! They are giving and kind, and have two sons, Zeb and Zach. For the past few years, their family has very generously hosted and cared for Reese's mother, who is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Because of this, they made the decision to sell their beautiful home to buy a new house that would better allow them to care for her needs. Before they listed their home, Reese and Laranda set out to update the property.

They updated the flooring, painted the house and changed out their original hardware for a more updated look. One of the most attractive features of their house was the open and spacious kitchen, so they decluttered the countertops to accentuate how much space their kitchen had to offer.

If you are thinking about selling your home, doing some updating and organizing is an important step to ensure that the house looks crisp, roomy and ready to sell! Before you list your house, take note of updates that may be needed. Also, make sure unnecessary items are stored to make countertops look large and rooms and closets look spacious! If you are not sure what needs to be done, ask your realtor to do a pre-listing walkthrough where they can suggest the best ways to present the property to potential buyers.


When Reese and Laranda accepted a contract on their house, we got straight to work looking for a new house to fit their needs! One thing to understand if you are searching for a house is that you will probably make several offers before one of your offers is accepted. This is not always the case, but it is very common. Reese and Laranda ran into this problem when we were house searching, but our suggestion to them (and to you as a home buyer ) would be to be patient and when you find a house you like, be aggressive! With it being a seller's market, you may need to be prepared to offer well above the list price of the property to get it under contract. As Reese and Laranda would tell you, once you sign the papers on your closing day, it'll all be worth it!

The Williams Family

Sherah Williams moved to the Dallas area with her two sons, Jonathan and Jaxon, a few

years ago and had been renting a condo in Richardson!

Sherah originally had planned to find a house for lease, but after speaking to a lender, discovered that she would be able to purchase a home for her family! We were thrilled to start working with Sherah. She gave us her wish list, and we got straight to work. The lesson we learned from Sherah's purchase is one of patience! Due to her family undergoing several significant changes over the last few years, she did not want her boys to have to uproot again and change schools. Because of this, her desired area was very small, which gave us few options. To be honest, there were times we weren't sure if a house would even become available that would fit her needs!

Our patience paid off, however, and Sherah was able to purchase a beautifully updated home with a lot of character. We weren't even the ones buying the house, but we fell in love with the original hardwood floors, the updated bathrooms, the brand new master suite--we could go on and on. If you are nervous about purchasing an older home, find an updated house! Many times, an updated home is going to be in great condition with perhaps only minor issues. With all the updates, Sherah could have confidence that potential problems with the home would be few. We negotiated a few repairs with the seller and moved forward with a very smooth closing. We cannot wait to hear of the many memories Sherah and her boys will make in the home!


We absolutely love our clients and greatly enjoy sharing in the excitement of their home purchase. As you can see, our summer was fantastic. This is in large part due to our clients, who are some of the best people you'll ever meet. But, this is only part of the story! Stay tuned for Summer Success Part Two coming soon!

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